Our Aim is to Maximise Your Well-Being

Facials and Non-Surgical Facial Enhancements:

Please Note: Restylane Facial Line fillers, Muscle Relaxing Treatments and Red Vein Removal is undertaken by a medically qualified nurse.

Deep Cleansing Facial: 1 Hour 15 minutes

A thorough cleanse of steam, brushing and exfoliation followed by a relaxing 20-30 minute massage of the face, neck and shoulders. Then an application of a masque to suit. A thoroughly relaxing experience

Advanced Facial: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Using galvanic and high frequency (alternating or direct current) this machine dramatically aids decongestion of the skin and enhances absorption of powerful products down to the deeper dermal layer. A complete and sophisticated facial that uses both manual and electrically procedures
This can also be used with our other facials to enhance and improve the results. Please ask.

Anti Ageing Vitamin Facial: 1 Hour 15 minutes

Delay the signs of premature ageing with this skin-strengthening vitamin-rich treatment. Essential vitamin A, C, E combine in a thorough but gentle exfoliation. Followed by a wonderful massage of the face, neck and shoulders with a masque to suit

Course of 6 treatments:

A full facial and 5 x 40 minute appointments:

Hydroxy Acid Facial: 1 Hour 30 minutes

A special combination of fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids smoothes and softens the skin's texture and appearance. Excellent for acne, oily and congested complexions. As with other facials, we continue with massage and masque.

Course of 6 treatments:

A full facial and 5 x 40 minute appointments -
Cost includes home-use product

Facial with a back massage: 1 Hour 30 minutes

The ultimate relaxing and therapeutic combination of back massage and full facial; guaranteed to send you to sleep

Mini Facial: 45 minutes

Cleanse, tone and massage with a masque to suit.
A facial for those in a hurry

Micro-dermabrasion: A real anti-ageing Treatment

Crystals are gently circulated over the skin using the Oxycrystal machine. Used crystals and dead skin cells are suctioned up from the surface of the skin. Three separate settings ensure minimal sensitivity for different skin types.

Ultra-deep exfoliation, superior to even our salon strength proucts, leads to increased cell turn-over and regeneration. Increased product penetration leaves skin soft and glowing. Suitable for the treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Dependant upon your own specific needs, we will customise your treatment for you.  We can address the problems of acne and acne scarring, excess pigmentation and thinning lips. Oxyjet Oxygen facials will help to reduce lines and wrinkles,  to firm skin tone and to improve skin texture.

Together with a Dermalogica Facial.

Energising Oxyjet Oxygen Facial:

(with some pressure-jetting if appropriate)
Proven to re-energise the face, giving a healthier, radiant, brighter look and firmer feel to the skin. Natural active serums are applied in a stream of pure oxygen, waging war against age, stress and lifestyle. New life is breathed into the skin.  This relaxing treatment also involves the breathing in of purified oxygen enhanced with essential oils.

Together with Micro-dermabrasion:

Beauty-Tox Anti-ageing Treatment:

includes Micro-dermabrasion:
Pure pulsed oxygen "pressure-jets" scientifically-proven active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin using our unique Oxyjet system. This jetting enables products to penetrate as deeply as a needle right through the epidermis to the muscle, in just 2 minutes.  This highly effective treatment controls the muscle contractions that are responsible for the formation of lines around the lips, eyes and forehead.  Oxyjet amplifies collagen production within the skin, filling wrinkles and giving a smoother complexion.

Teenager Treatment: 45 minutes

An opportunity for the teenager in your family to start a lifetime of good skin care. Plenty of time to discuss problems and skin care while a series of cleansing procedures are carried out

C.A.C.I. The non-surgical face lift:

Micro-currents gently tighten, tone and re-educate the muscles of the face and neck to give a more youthful appearance. The stimulation of collagen and elastin production smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. An extremely effective and relaxing treatment

Course of 10:
Course of 6 pre-paid maintenance:

Eye firm: to lift and brighten

For the younger clients and those concerned about their eyes; who don't feel that they need the whole C.A.C.I. treatment

FREE C.A.C.I. consultation and half face treatment - Restylane:

The non-surgical answer for the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles; sculpting lips and facial contours. Stabilised hyaluronic acid is injected into those fine lines and deeper wrinkles that can make us look more tired and older than we really are. Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a natural component of connective tissues, thus it is completely safe.

No patch test is needed. Muscle Relaxing Treatment: Banish facial lines and Regain your youthful appearance. Botox is approved for use by people under the age of 65. It effectively temporarily 'paralyses' the muscles surrounding the deep wrinkle areas, thereby recreating a 'smoother' facial expression. It is particularly effective around the brow area.